I went on a little adventure with another blogger from San Diego, Maye who is now family too.

so we went to our tourist date, and got to know each other & San Diego a little better, had
horrible food, & good shopping.

I scored the snake print loafers at urban they were on sale and made me so happy!

some of the images are blurry but i like the effect they get.



I have been MIA for a while i look forward to coming back into blogging it keeps me motivated into many things. I can't wait to see what all my favorite bloggers have been up too!! I have a ton of things i would love to share but that would all be to much for one post for now i will just show you guys a few of the things that take over my closet and body!

some of the things i did while i was missing in action
*made the flower headband i am wearing in the last picture which caused severe allergies.
*learned to longboard
*a million beach trips
*got a new job
*fell in-love with a stranger (my nephew)
*adventures that consisted of taking my dogs everywhere, obviously.
*moved, again
*failed my drivers test, again :(
and i cant wait to continue this list with new adventures, and cute outfits
Its almost the holiday season and i already have a few things in mind!



New begginings all around

i want.

Life is like photography, we develop from negatives


happy hungry humble

Summer come to me!!

you are so young don't waste you time.

i haven't had the time to post but i want to ass soon as i get some goo pictures, plus i haven't been on to much to find inspiration but my inspiration is myself, i want to be like i used to be.


you only live once

i want this everyday.


  • I never know hot to title the post I make.
  • join a belly dancing class
  • keep playing soccer after work
  • keep walking my dogs
  • keep going on miniature road trips with my lover and our boys
  • go on a date, a real date with my lover. no dogs this time.
  • call my mama!
  • upload more often
  • show you guys my inspiration
  • stop eating fatty foods.
  • save money
  • finish planning my sisters baby shower it's a boy!
  • do my nails this color!!!
there is so much I want to do! how do you guys find the time?! ... energy and money! and still manage to look scrumptious on all your blogs!

i don't know what keeps making me lag it here, i do come on and read i just get lazy and I don't post anything i have had these pictures on my camera for a while now but I haven't uploaded them.

Thank God its friday!!

here you cant see my chihuahua because he is too small I think that is adorable since he is right there by my foot :)

Have a great weekend every one have fun!!


Woo, I found my Camera well my boyfriend did I am a klutz and I would loose my head if it wasn't attached to my body.

I have to catch up with my blog reading I miss it so much but I have been so busy I keep saying I will but I haven't, but I WILL!

oh, and here is a little suprise we "bumped" into on the road to lake Capitan, in the mountainside it was so beutifull and it was hilarious to see this little fella be so brave and run up to us and try to climb our truck!

I hope every one has a great week, ♥
thanks for all the sweet comments I will get back to you!